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Accomplish your goals by taking action!

Why are goals so critical to achieving success in business and in life?  


We must utilize goals to achieve our objectives.  Goals help us create a plan for our life and hold us accountable.  We must set specific detailed goals and take action on these goals each day!  

We must first identify our goals to provide the compass on our direction and make a plan!  

Here is the process I use to achieve my goals:

  1. You must decide!  Determine specifically what you want to achieve or do or work towards.  Be specific! You must create clarity! 

  2. Write down your goals!

  3. Break your goals down and break them into micro (small) goals and macro (large) goals.  

  4. Take massive action each day!

  5. Stay focused and do not get distracted.  We can only serve one master!

  6. Evaluate your progress! Be honest!

  7. Enjoy the process of growth and learning while accomplishing your goals.  

  8. Celebrate your accomplishments along the way!

  9. Do not quit!  Challenges will come, and the way we respond to those challenges will determine our success.  Warriors find a way!


Example of Business and Life Goals:


  • Reduce Ongoing Business Expenses

  • Improve Productivity or Profitability in Your Business

  • Increase Traffic on Your Business Website or Blog

  • Create a New Product or Service

  • Start Using Social Media Marketing in Your Business

  • Improve the Financial Health of Your Business


Personal Goals


  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual 

  • Family

  • Relationships -  Men you must take an active role in maintaining and improving your relationships with your wife (Queen) and your children!


Success requires planning, thinking, and action.  The key is setting clear goals and then implementing a plan to achieve them. If we do not set specific goals we will not be able to find success in each of these areas of your business and in life. In order to accomplish your goals you must take massive action each day!  It's the difference between success and failure.  


‘If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you!’


Kevin Devito

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