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The Warrior Blueprint

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The Warrior Blueprint is a specifically designed plan or process of transformation that will be the foundational strength in every aspect of your life. You will learn how to overcome the challenges you face in life through developing a sculpted refined physical body, a strong mind, emotional control, spiritual strength, tactical knowledge and skills to protect yourself, your family and those that cant protect themselves.

In this training we will also expose the areas in your life that are limiting your potential and creating roadblocks and replace them with new pathways to a renewed purpose, hope and faith in becoming the man you were meant to be for your family and business.  


  • This training was developed for men who are tired of the excuses and want to learn the skills, techniques and dedication it takes to become a warrior in all aspects of their lives.  You will learn the following skills and many more:

  • Physical Strength

  • ​​​Mental Strength

  • ​​​Emotional Strength

  • Spiritual Strength​​​​

  • Find your Purpose, Mission & Vision for your life. Learn how to Provide, Preside and Protect.  

  • Establish Core Values

  • Develop a Warrior Mindset

  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs

  • Learn Self Awareness & Self Mastery

  • Establish Command Presence

  • Leadership (Family and Business)

  • Improve Your Relationships

  • Tactical Training Course (Includes a scheduled course that includes:  Hand to Hand Combat, Tactical Handgun and Tactical Rifle Course.  This training course will be scheduled upon graduation from your self-development/leadership course.  

Core Values



  • COURAGE   



  • TRUST   











In this program you will learn how to access your inner strength and maximize your life on all levels using the four pillar approach.  

- Pillar I Physical Strength: 

The path to the mind is through the body.  Take control of your physical body to increase your survival and thrive in life and business.    


 - Pillar II Mental Strength:

Increase your capacity to overcome any challenge and learn the techniques and strategies to never quit.  You will develop laser like mental focus in your life and business. 


 - Pillar III Emotional Strength:

Healthy relationships with their spouse and kids and the respect and admiration of those that they lead. 


 - Pillar IV Spiritual Strength :

Learn the art of war by putting on your full armor daily and understanding your enemy and strategies.  

BE BATTLE READY!  Here is your call to action!  If you are not prepared for the fight, you will lose ground, don't go through life just sitting on the sidelines.  Become a Warrior today!  Follow the Blueprint for Success!



Q. Now that I have filled out and submitted my application, what's next?

A. After you have submitted the online request form we will schedule an online interview call with one of our lead instructors.  In this call we will determine together, if this training is right for you.  If you are selected, we will determine the best upcoming class date.  

Q. How much does the training cost?

A. The real question is what is the cost of you not attending this training?  This training is $10,000. This experience but also for the lifetime access into the brotherhood community once you graduate from the training experience. You will be placed on the wall of warriors and enter into the Warrior Brotherhood that is an elite club of members that will receive access to the trainings that are scheduled yearly that involve different leadership, and tactical training sessions to keep you the tip of the sword.  Class participants will be the only ones accepted into these training sessions.  

Q. Once I'm registered for a training class, what happens next?

A. Once you're registered and assigned a class three things happen...

1) You will receive a list of items and clothing that you will need to bring to the training.

2) You will receive the information on the class location, times and what hotel accommodations.  

3. You will receive a physical and nutrition program to prepare you for your training evolution.  

4.) You will also be sent the required waivers &  liability forms to sign and return.  This must be completed before you are accepted into the training class.  

Q. What happens upon my graduation from this training?

A. You will be given a certificate of completion for this training and placed on a 

Q. What if I am not in great shape?

A. In this program you will be asked to do things physically ie.. jog/run, log carry, push ups, hill climbs, sit ups, etc.. We will send you a training and nutrition program prior to your training class that will assist you in getting ready for this training. 

Q. What’s the minimum age requirement?

A. 18 years old.

Q. I'm not from the United States, can I still do the training?

A. Yes, people from all around the world are encouraged to attend.  

Q. If I can’t make it to my assigned class, am I able to reschedule?

A. Yes. If for some reason you can't attend your assigned project class you can roll to a future class. There is a fee of $2K to roll to a future class. 

Q Do you give discounts?

A. Yes, Veterans and first responders will be given a discounted price for this training.  We will discuss this during our 

Q. What is included? Is my airfare room, food, transportation included?

A. No, your airfare and lodging is not included. Your food, and transportation are included. 

Q. What can I expect during the experience?

A. You will be physically, mentally and emotionally challenged in each evolution of the training.  

Q. What happens if I don't make it to graduation?

A. A few number of men do not graduate the training program. There are only two ways to drop out. You can drop out anytime by ringing the bell. Or the instructors may drop you if you are deemed unsafe or unable to continue - in which case you'll be offered the opportunity to roll back to a future class.

Q. Where is the training held?

A. The training will held at the facility that is determined for that particular location. You will be responsible for booking your hotel accommodations.  

Q. When does it start/ finish? Where is this training located?

A. The Project starts on Thursday night at 1600 hrs and ends on Sunday around 1800 hours with a ceremony.  The training is located the Provo, Utah area.  

Q. How many participants are each class?

A. Each class is limited to no more than 25 participants

Q. What happens to those who try to make it through the training, but ring the bell or can't make it through, and want to try again?

A. The participant would have to pay 2k to rejoin the next available class.